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-- About --

I’m a fun-loving user experience and interface designer, who is passionate about creating intuitive, purposeful, and impactful designs for others. I’ve collaborated with elite teams building innovative cross-platform solutions.
I believe that pushing your personal comfort levels is the best way to grow as a professional. Not being afraid of trying the unknown when solving complex problems puts you and your team in the best positions for success. Because of my intrigue and agility in learning new things, I feel that this gives me an edge over other designers in the web and mobile’s rapidly evolving technology.
I have a natural pull towards UX design because of my analytical and problem solving abilities. My approach combines deep strategic business acumen, technical knowledge, and hands-on design skills. Thanks to my broad range of interests and experiences, I feel that this allows me to approach each project with a unique insight into the human experience that other designers don’t have.






Web: rachelgoldinger.com